You can be the clear, focused, inspiring AND effective leader YOU want to be

May 1, 2023

You Dont Have To Be Rude To Get What You Want

You don’t have to be rude to get what you want.

Nor do you need to be an overly friendly or sympathetic leader in ‘people pleasing’ mode.

You can be a powerful and graceful leader operating in a way that feels AUTHENTIC TO YOU. 

You CAN be clear and hold people accountable without feeling like you are gearing up for a fight.

You CAN care about your team, without riding their emotional highs and lows with them.

You CAN set or reset expectations about the way you want things done anytime you need to, without being scared they’ll get angry and leave.

You CAN BE the clear, focused, inspiring AND effective leader YOU want to be….

You just need to learn how.

Stepping up from entrepreneur to boss to empowered CEO requires learning leadership techniques that aren’t automatic!

You can learn the right language and establish a framework for your communication so that conversations flow in a two-sided way.

You can do all of this in a way that feels good to you so that you can sustain it.

One of my clients reached out to me last month to tell me about a situation with a team member. 

The team member hadn’t delivered what was required and she was frustrated and wondering WTF!?

And you know what she said to me? 

“I was frustrated AND I knew exactly what I needed to do and say.“ 

Because after working together for 4 + months she has learnt a library of language she can draw on to deal with situations in a powerful graceful way.

So you can quickly get the information you need from your team, to be decisive and clarify the way forward.

This is what my style of coaching looks like.

>> Empowering you to build your leadership knowledge, skills and confidence so you eventually know what to do without me.

If you want to build your kit bag of language and establish easy frameworks so your communication flows, I invite you to book a Dream Team Discovery Call with me.

These no obligation calls are our opportunity to chat about your business and team, identify what needs to change and map the path to it feeling 1000% better for you.

And if it feels good to us both – we’ll chat about how I can support you to make that happen.

Book a time in with me here and lets chat.


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