Why emotional hiring decisions will end up making you cry

March 16, 2022


Do you know why you’re so resistant to the hiring process?

It’s not actually about the time.

Or about writing the job ad. 

Or about making space for interviews in your already packed-out calendar.

It’s about the feelings. 

Because hiring is an emotional process. 

In fact, it’s kind of similar to dating. 😬 💌

You’re opening yourself and your business up to a totally new person. 

You’re not sure you’re ready to commit. 

You’re not sure you’re ready to trust. 

I mean, what if it doesn’t work out? 


Just like dating, it’s easy to get swept up in the feelings. 

You can have a chat with someone and they feel like they’re ‘the one’.

You’re infatuated with them before you’ve even asked about their experience. 

Before they’ve had a chance to SHOW you what they’re all about.

But if you make a hiring decision based on these initial feelings alone, things will get complicated really fast. 

👉 You might hire someone who can’t actually do the job.

👉 You might hire someone because you “vibe with them”, not because they’re a great fit for the role.

Want the good news? 

Having a hiring structure HOLDS you as you go through all those feelings. 

It allows you to get crystal clear on the person you need in your business –

So you don’t get sidetracked by their great conversation skills. 

Or the fact they love dogs, or yoga, or green smoothies, as much as you do… 

One of the biggest things clients realise after working with me is how easy the hiring decision becomes when they have a process to follow. 

All the umming and ahhing goes away. 

It becomes obvious who to choose.

The process supports you to make an epic decision that just feels SO clear and strategic. 

Plus, you’ve laid the groundwork for establishing a really great relationship with that person. 


If you want to get off the emotional roller-coaster of hiring (or avoid it altogether!) and step into your CEO self with a clear and repeatable hiring process.

It’s time to apply for Hiring Mastery. 

In just 8 weeks, you’ll learn the exact steps to find your next rockstar team member, and every rockstar after that, so you can build your DREAM TEAM.

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