Hiring Mastery-4

Rise into your CEO-self
and make the right hire
(without the drama)

Learn a powerful hiring process and get absolute clarity on your dream team, so you can grow your business with the support you crave

You’ll learn the exact steps to define and find your next rockstar team member (and every rockstar after that) so you can build your DREAM TEAM

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When you’re an ambitious entrepreneur with a big vision to scale...

It can feel like you’re stuck in groundhog day when you don’t have the right support team

You’ve created great momentum in your business, and you know you need to let go and be less involved in #allthethings.

Right now you're still so involved because you are scared of balls being dropped and you don’t want to miss any opportunities or let anyone down.

You know you need to trust and let go but the thought of hiring new team members feels so overwhelming and impossible.

Plus, you’re a high achiever with super high standards, so handing over control feels hard because you’re used to doing so much yourself up until now (and it's been working 😬).

You’re probably stuck on questions like:

Here’s the thing:

You can learn how to be a

a Powerful CEO

who makes epic hiring decisions

time and time again, resulting in a team you’re unbelievably proud of

Let me teach you

my powerful hiring process

so you can set up your very own dream team

The truth is,

it IS possible to feel excited for the future, less overwhelmed AND more structured in your business and leadership approach

When you master hiring,

you’ll expand your capacity for growth, be open to more opportunities, and finally get that sense of spaciousness you’ve always wanted


"What I got was more than just how to write a job description, how to hire, how to do the interview and how to onboard. What I learnt was who I wanted to be as a leader, the skills that I had, the gaps that needed to be filled. I learnt about what works and what doesn’t work. So I was able to really step into this role of CEO and leader, which was actually the hardest part for me. I highly recommend working with Paula.


Amy Taylor-Kabbaz
CEO, Mama Rising

"The Hiring Mastery course provided the theoretical underpinnings and practical applications required to hire a new team member. Paula was incredibly generous with her time and feedback and provided detailed scaffolding and examples to make the course highly engaging and practical. I'd have no hesitation recommending Paula to other entrepreneurs embarking on or feeling bewildered or overwhelmed by the hiring process.


Dr Kristy Goodwin
Digital Wellbeing Speaker, Entrepreneur, Thought Leader


Is a hybrid 8-week group coaching program with 1:1 component to help fast-growing entrepreneurs get clarity around who they want on their team and hire from a place of confidence, not overwhelm


Over the past 15+ years,

I’ve developed a powerful hiring process that’s helped business owners from around the world build their dream teams. And if you’re reading this…

I know it’s time for you TO BUILD YOURS TOO.

You need some room to breathe so you can truly expand your business into its true potential.


"Paula gave me so much clarity and helped me ask myself the right questions and actually gave me a strategy on how to hire in my business. What I thought I needed did not end up being what I actually needed. So not only did she provide me with that clarity to support a really fast-moving business, but Paula also saved me so much money in the process."

Jazze Jervis

Jazze Jervis

"This program was WELL WORTH the investment. I learnt so much about myself, my business and my ideal employee - and I now feel so confident that I have the skills and the tools to advertise, interview and hire the right person for the job. I couldn't recommend this program any more highly - you'd be crazy to try and do this on your own. Paula was an amazing support, a wealth of information and there every step of the way!"

Jazze Jervis

Rebecca Black
Owner, Psychologist & HynoBirthing Practitioner - The Mindful Birth Movement

Hiring Mastery is different because

While some business coaches 'claim' to offer team-building support – they don’t have the knowledge to truly hold your hand through this process.

And, they usually only offer how you can 'replicate' what they've done.

With 15+ years of experience in recruitment and HR, I've worked with businesses in diverse industries and can expertly guide you to unravel and uncover for yourself who you truly need (rather than just repeating what someone else has done and hoping for the best...)

This is a transformative experience where you'll learn a simple, repeatable recruitment process that’ll allow you to step up as a CEO and confidently grow your support team and business


🔥 Get absolute clarity and confidence about who you’re looking for and why

🔥 Know exactly the right questions to ask at an interview to make great hiring decisions (so you don’t have to deal with drama later....)

🔥 Find team members who show up for your business 100%, exceed your expectations, and stay for the long haul

🔥 Stop working 50+ hours a week on #allthethings and start focusing on the things you love, with spaciousness to lean into your big vision and enjoy your life

🔥 Hand over low value or time-consuming activities like client admin and take your first switched off "real" holiday in years!

🔥Get really great at confidently handing over more and more while feeling in control as you enjoy seeing others perform your old tasks well


Module 1


I’ll walk you through how to get crystal clear on exactly who you need to join your business.

We're talking the specific skills, experience and behaviours for your next hire so you know you’re calling in exactly the right person for your business.

Skipping this step is where *MOST* entrepreneurs go wrong (but you’re not most people…😉).



I'll teach you how to write a beautifully comprehensive and compelling job ad that’ll attract your dream applicants.

Plus you'll know exactly how and where to share it for maximum exposure.

And, how to easily screen for your best-fit applicants and respond with grace to those who don’t quite make the cut.



This is where we create a comprehensive and inspiring list of interview questions and an easy-to-follow interview structure, so you can powerfully dig into the key hiring criteria you’ve identified earlier.

Being able to interview well is a skill that will not only help you with this hire, but with EVERY hire afterwards. When you get confident at this – nothing can hold you back!



Once you’ve made your decision you’re well on your way to the growth and spaciousness you’ve been dreaming of.

You'll learn how to sit back and relax, knowing your new team member is set up for success with a rock-solid onboarding process.

This means you both have a clear, agreed path forward and a communication framework so there’s less room for missteps or issues.

bonus email swipe files

Plus you’ll get my handy email swipe files to save you time and give you an extra boost of confidence – because you’ll never be stuck wondering how to acknowledge someone’s awesome application, or how to send out that ‘rejection’ letter…

You’ll have the exact process to hire

your next rockstar

and every rockstar after that


"I worked with Paula and the impact it's had on my business is absolutely incredible. I've become a lot more clear with my team. She really helped me to define the roles that I needed within my team and I really think that I've just become a much better leader as a result. I cannot recommend Paula enough.

She honestly has just been so fantastic and so instrumental in helping me to build a better and more profitable business."

Georgia Harding

Georgia Harding
Owner, Well Nourished

"You helped me to understand firstly my leadership style and from there get clarity on the right sort of people I needed in each role to fit with my expectations. I now feel really clear on who I need on my team, what each role looks like and I feel really confident with the hiring and interview process. If anyone is looking to get support in their business with recruitment Paula is the lady! Go to her because she will support you all the way. I have absolutely loved working with you"

Kelly McHugh

Kelly McHugh
Founder, Digital Yoga Academy

What’s included in Hiring Mastery?


  • 8 Week LIVE Group Program
  • 4 x high-impact GROUP coaching calls over 8 weeks
  • 1 x potent 45 minute PRIVATE Coaching call with Paula for implementation support and guidance
  • Lifetime access to the training modules, hiring tools, templates and interview questions
  • 8 Week access to a Private Community Group to ask questions as you implement your hiring process and share your progress
  • BONUS: Email swipe files so you can respond to applicants with ease and grace


  • 8 Week LIVE Group Program
  • 4 x high-impact GROUP coaching calls over 8 weeks
  • 1 x potent 45 minute PRIVATE Coaching call with Paula for implementation support and guidance
  • Lifetime access to the training modules, hiring tools, templates and interview questions
  • 8 Week access to a Private Community Group to ask questions as you implement your hiring process and share your progress
  • BONUS: Email swipe files so you can respond to applicants with ease and grace

Your ‘No B.S.’ guide, Paula Maidens

Hi, I’m Paula Maidens – serial entrepreneur, business adviser and hiring coach.

It’s my mission to empower you to step into your leadership potential in a way that feels strong and effective, to drive the business success you know you’re worthy of.

And I’ve got a reputation for telling it how it is…

There’ll be zero B.S. when you work with me.

Because I’m here to get you results.

I’ve shown hundreds of entrepreneurs how to expand into their CEO-self and build their dream teams – in a way that feels amazing to them.

I’ll give you steps, checklists, exact how-tos (and how-NOT-tos), what to say and what not to say.

I’ll dive into the nitty-gritty details and create a tailored process that’ll give you the confidence to build an amazingly capable and profitable team, without the drama or overwhelm.


As Trusted By


"My business has grown from a team of 9 to 20 and my turnover has almost tripled. Paula has been one of the best people that I have worked with. Her advice is bang on, it's practical and the way she helps you to use language to communicate and lead is amazing. She gave me permission to build my dream business and team. She is the best investment I've ever made when I think of the return I'm going to get on this in the long term. Thank you!"

Sarah Parkinson

Sarah Parkinson
Director, Diverse Bookkeeping

"Working with Paula was exactly what our 7 figure company needed. She was extremely knowledgeable with every detail of the hiring process and guided us to dial that in for not only the position we were looking to fill but also for future hires as well. Her "just because you can, should you" question was a brilliant way of allowing us to stay in our zone of genius and outsource the things that support our business to continue to thrive. Her process is clear, concise and makes scaling your team super easy and fun!"

Keeli Martinez

Keeli Martinez
7-figure Business & Manifestation Mentor

Hiring Mastery is for you if...

✅ You’re an action taker who’s ready to take big leaps in business and you know you need the right team around you to make it happen.

✅ You're an entrepreneur with a business in growth mode.

✅ Your mind is open and willing to the real possibility that your rockstar team members are out there waiting for you.

✅ You’re ready to learn a powerful, repeatable process so you can feel super confident making your next hire on your own (while being supported by a proven hiring system you can trust).

Hiring Mastery is NOT for you if...

❌ You aren't an action taking entrepreneur or business owner.

❌ You want to outsource the decision-making and growth of your business and want someone to 'just find the person for you'.

❌ You believe you don’t have the time to dedicate to learning this process, being coached on your hiring blind spots, or focusing on this critical part of your leadership elevation.

❌ Your business isn't profitable and you don't have the cash for a new team member yet.

Questions? Get some answers here

Here are some answers to the most common questions about Hiring Mastery:


"Paula is an amazing business coach for anyone with staff and looking to manage processes more efficiently. She’s an excellent recruitment strategist. Changing the recruitment approach and putting some of the frameworks into practice has really given me a lot more time, and made the process easier to select people as only the right people are responding to the job ad. It has definitely given me more time and money."

Jane McFadden

Jane McFadden
Director, Body and Mind

​Imagine if all that doubt just went away...

Imagine if you could relax in the confidence of a framework that gave you the specific steps to make the right hiring decision and keep you safe from mistakes.

Imagine if you were so sure of your hiring choice that you couldn't wait to pay your new team member because you knew their value was 10X the cost.

Imagine feeling proud knowing your business was making tangible leaps towards your big goals and finally making your dreams possible.

You won’t have to imagine it for much longer.

👇 That's the reality you'll be living after you’ve completed Hiring Mastery 👇


Success Stories

So, are you ready to step into

your CEO-self

and learn how to hire your dream team?

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