How to feel real abundance in your business

May 6, 2022

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We hear that word A LOT in the online business space.

But aside from the 6 or 7 (or 8!) figure biz, sold out programs, endless wait lists and perfect wardrobes with super slick REELS….

👉 What do YOU really need to feel abundant?

Because all of the above is the shell. 

The outside visible layer.

I want to know what you need on the inside

What you need to start feeling 

And what you need to stop sacrificing.

As the boss of your business you are exactly that. 


So YOU get to design your definition of abundance

YOU get to set it up, shift it or burn it down if you need to, to make it feel ABUNDANT to YOU

Many of my clients come to me with one big goal

To get their TIME BACK

Because that feels like real abundance. 

(Without the sacrifices)

How is this possible? 

You need a freakin awesome team.

❌NOT just any assistant because your cousin’s neighbour referred them and

❌NOT just hiring someone “to get it done”, hoping they “get up to speed eventually”

I’m talking about a FULLY AWESOME TEAM that looks & feels like ⬇️

💥Switched on people who give YOU energy

💥Idea givers, mistake finders & solution mavens 

💥Effortless & efficient communication that honours your boundaries

💥Tracked and analysed goals that are repeatedly exceeded by your team

(And the foundational one 👉 👉 which is critical to enable all of the above to happen at all)

💥The unmistakable feeling of SUPPORT where you and your crew are IN. THIS. TOGETHER.

So, if your team isn’t feeling like this? (And your sense of abundance is coming at the expense of your time)

It’s not the end of the world.❤️

Be savvy….take stock, clean up, have strategic conversations, implement communication tweaks that give you your time and space back. 


Sounds like bliss?

If the thought of where to begin has you in a spin 👉 grab my free downloadable <5 Mistakes Most Entrepreneurs Make When Growing Teams> for quick easy guidance on what to change in your team to make it feel better ASAP

Or let’s chat about your biz and how I can help on a free discovery call and I can show you how my private coaching will make this feel easier – and truly abundant – inside & out – in no time.


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