Nurturing Your ‘Can-Do’ Employee: The Power of Regular, Open Conversations

October 2, 2023

Nurturing Your 'Can-Do' Employee: The Power of Regular, Open Conversations

Finding an engaged and energetic employee can sometimes be like discovering a rare unicorn – a true A-player. These individuals bring an unmatched level of commitment, eagerness, and dedication to their roles, and to the team. They are the ones who willingly go above and beyond, working tirelessly to overcome challenges and continuously upskilling to excel in their positions. As a CEO and leader, you undoubtedly feel grateful to have such an exceptional team member on board.

However, there’s a critical reality that often goes unnoticed in having a high-performing employee – sustainability. As time passes, even the most energetic and dedicated individuals may find it challenging to maintain the same level of enthusiasm and output. They begin to question whether constantly pushing themselves to do everything and working tirelessly is truly in their best interest.

It is important to recognise and address the evolving needs of your employees. Everyone, including your star performers, eventually crave a sense of rhythm and the opportunity to work in their “zone of genius.” This desire for efficiency and expertise directly correlates with job satisfaction and engagement.

When your highly engaged employee reaches a certain point, their journey can take one of two paths:

  1. Finding Their Flow: In this scenario, they successfully navigate the transition from intense enthusiasm to sustainable engagement. They identify their strengths, optimise their workflow, and continue to see your business as a mutually beneficial opportunity. This path leads to long-term productivity, job satisfaction, and loyalty.
  2. Disengagement: On the other hand, if the signs of evolving needs and burnout go unnoticed, your star employee may start to disengage. They may lose inspiration and begin considering other career options, either consciously or unconsciously. This path can be subtle, and the signs may not always be evident to you.

The challenge here lies in detecting the signs of impending burnout and disengagement before they escalate. Some common indicators include:

  • Snippet of Frustration: Your once-positive employee starts displaying signs of frustration, even over minor issues.
  • Venting About Inefficiencies: They begin venting about inefficiencies or problems within the organisation that wouldn’t have bothered them previously.
  • Increased Discussion of Inefficiencies: Your employee becomes more vocal about inefficiencies in processes or workflows.
  • Excuses and Reduced Productivity: They start making more excuses and exhibit a noticeable decrease in their work output or speed.

The Power of Regular, Open Conversations

To prevent your exceptional team member from veering down the path of disengagement, it is imperative to have regular, open conversations with them.

Regular: These conversations should occur at least monthly and be scheduled in advance. Consistency is key to building trust and keeping a pulse on your employee’s evolving needs.

Open: An open conversation is one that encourages a two-sided exchange. Both parties should feel comfortable sharing their thoughts, concerns, and ideas. It’s not just about the manager giving feedback; it’s about listening and understanding the employee’s perspective.

Conversations: Emphasising the importance of dialogue here. A genuine conversation involves both speaking and listening. It’s not a one-way communication where instructions are simply handed down.

Transformation Through Conversations

When you commit to regular, open conversations, you’ll begin to notice a transformation in your working relationship and your business:

  • Improved Relationship: Your rapport with the employee will strengthen as trust deepens through open communication.
  • Enhanced Information: You’ll gain valuable insights into what’s working well, what challenges your employee is facing, and how to make improvements.
  • Greater Control: You’ll feel more in control of your business, your team, and your future as you proactively address issues and foster a culture of engagement.

By recognizing the signs of you ‘can-do’ employee’s evolving needs and embracing regular, open conversations, you can ensure that your star performers continue to shine. These conversations will not only help you retain exceptional talent but also create a workplace where everyone can find their rhythm, work in their zone of genius, and ultimately, enjoy their work. So, seize the opportunity to have those conversations, nurture your team, and watch your business thrive.

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