How much space do you have?

March 1, 2023

Diary, laptop, coffee mug, workstation

When was the last time you asked yourself, or reviewed how much SPACE you have in your business, in your day and in your life?

If it’s been a while, this is a reminder for you to ask yourself:

>> Are you always racing against the clock?

>> Working backwards from deadlines and only getting the essentials done?

>> Do you struggle to get creative or brainstorming time let alone bounce around ideas as a team? 

>> Does your brain feel like it’s constantly in ‘thinking’ mode and your body on high alert?

If you’re nodding yes…then, you’re working WITHOUT SPACE in BUSY mode.

(And before you roll your eyes with a ‘but there’s nothing I can do about it…stay with me…)

You might THINK being busy is the REASON you feel like you have no space.

BUT there’s usually a lot more to it than that.

Working out the **true** reason why you don’t have space and feel so busy can actually be a little tricky to figure out.

Because the cold hard reality is… that YOU are the boss of your business.

You get to set the deadlines and the priorities

Which in turn means that you are choosing to be busy and choosing to operate without space.

I know, this realisation often doesn’t feel so good….

But, only YOU have the power to change it

So you need to work out WHY you won’t.

It’s frustrating, weird and confronting to feel so powerLESS, when you actually hold the power.

And when you are operating in #justkeepgoing mode 

You’ll automatically keep pushing 

When instead you need to be slowing to work out what needs to change

Because nothing changes, unless something changes.

So right now, as you read this, I encourage you to take half an hour to slow down.

To look at your week and your month ahead.

And look for what you can change and ways to create SPACE

Because although it’s not easy, it IS always possible.

There are a number of ways that I can support you to create more space in your business and in your life by helping you build your dream team. 

Book in a Dream Team Discovery Call with me here and let’s have a no obligation chat about your business and I’ll share my honest opinion about whether I can help you.  


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