5 Hiring Myths that you NEED to ignore

July 31, 2023

Hiring Myths That You Need To Ignore

Over the years, I have heard some pretty wild things about hiring…

How to do it

When to do it

Why to do it…

And two of my favourites…

Why YOU should NOT be the one to do it … (ahem YES you should).

How it’s all such a guess and it’s a 50/50 of getting it right (what?!).

Trust me when I say, I think I have heard it all. It’s one of the reasons why I started my business in the first place, to change the story that hiring people & building a team needs to be hard. Because, it doesn’t! 

So let’s dive into 5 hiring MYTHS that you NEED to ignore!

1️⃣ The best candidate is ALWAYS the one with the most “experience” or “education”

Experience is RELATIVE and education is THEORY.

You still need to put in the work to find out if their experience is RELEVANT to you, and if their education or qualification built the skill or knowledge base that your BUSINESSS NEEDS.

2️⃣ Hiring is all about filling the job as quickly as you can


That’s why I don’t recommend a closing date on your job advertisement. Because you are going to advertise for as long as you need to attract the right people… right!?

Rushing through the advertising part of the recruitment & hiring process will almost definitely leave you to hiring someone who is either the “best of a bad bunch” or someone who “seems OK” without the true scope of comparison you need to make a great robust and confident hiring decision.

This is why it’s so important to have a STRATEGY and PLAN in place before you get started… so that your emotions don’t kick in after only 2 people apply in a short time frame and you make a time based decision.

You need to BE STRATEGIC and give yourself the space to hire the RIGHT person at the RIGHT time.

3️⃣ You can hire someone else’s “person” without an interview because they’ll be as great for you as they are for them.

Unless you are the identical twin of that person, with the exact business and exact role as them.. (which is impossible..) you STILL need to be clear on what you need and have an interview conversation with them about if THEY are right… 

4️⃣ You never really know if someone is any good until they start

Yes you CAN and you SHOULD.

If there is something that is important to you, then you need to test it. You can test via an actual test (give them a practical test) or present a situation and have a discussion (a verbal scenario or role play).

This doesn’t need to be awkward or weird! It can be fun AND beneficial to you both.

They get to get a sense of what’s involved in the job (so they can show you their skills and get a taste if they want to do it ) AND you get to assess how they’d handle that exact situation

5️⃣ You can work out how to hire as you go

Well yes sure… you can… but that’ll mean trial and error which also means wasted time and wasted money and a whole heap of emotion along the way!

(That you could and should try to avoid)

When you work with me as a private client you’ll learn my signature recruitment process, Hiring Mastery™️, which shows you a robust AND objective way to only hire winners for your team.

You get full access to video modules for you to dive into (if you choose) and together we map out your strategy and create the tools you need to execute it flawlessly.

AND once you learn the process, you’ll use it time and time again… so that each time you hire you can always make a confident hiring decision and stop wasting your valuable time and money guessing and getting it wrong. Sounds good, right?\

I encourage you to book in a complimentary Dream Team Discovery Call with me so that we can chat about your current situation, the challenges you are facing, and how I can best support you to build a rockstar team and live a spacious beautiful life.


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