Find out your Leadership Style and learn WHO to hire!

January 27, 2022

Leadership Style Quiz

So many of my clients don’t see themselves as leaders.

They see themselves as entrepreneurs or business owners who have people working with them

And when we talk about their leadership style or how they perceive themselves as a leader >>> they get a bit, sometimes a lot, uncomfortable.

Is that how you feel too?

Maybe the title LEADER or CEO makes you feel a bit uneasy?

Maybe you question if you are ready to even be a proper leader, let alone be in charge of a full team?

I want to let you in on a big secret that’s going to totally shift any discomfort you may feel around hiring and leading a powerful team. 

💥💥You don’t have to CHANGE your leadership style to have hiring success💥💥

💥💥You get to HIRE a MATCH for YOUR leadership style 💥💥

Someone who finds your disorganised way a cool challenge, or

Someone who loves how pedantic you are and totally wants to work like that, or 

Someone who understands you have a scattergun approach and can organise you, or

Someone who doesn’t mind lots of meetings to chat about the details because you hate email

(yep, all of those people most definitely exist)


That’s right. It is allowed to feel easy and you are allowed to hire to suit you. To suit your leadership style.


Are you ready to learn WHO your next rockstar team member is 👉 by getting super clear on who you are as a leader?

Then it’s time to take my brand new 2 minute Leadership Quiz to learn WHO to hire based on YOUR (unique and amazing!) leadership style

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