Without goals your team is blind

August 27, 2021

without goals your team is blind

Are your team walking blind in the woods?

>> Goals >> 

Love them or hate them, without big business AND individual goals >> you are sabotaging the success of your team

As an entrepreneur it’s likely that you have the big goals for yourself part down pat.

As a high achiever, this part comes naturally to you.

But when it comes to breaking them down into individual goals for each person working with you, if you are like most of my clients, you find this hard.

It’s tricky enough trying to crystallise your big dreams out of your head and down onto a piece of paper, let alone breaking those further into chunks to assign to each individual!

Don’t worry, lots of amazingly capable entrepreneurs find this hard

In fact, I think I’d go as far as to say MOST of my clients find this really tricky until they learn my technique

One of the 6 pillars in my coaching framework is AWESOME COMMUNICATION

And there are 2 key elements to this:

💥Communicating your big goals to your team (and by team I mean every single person who helps you in your business in any way, not just someone you consider an employee or subcontractor – because everyone needs to know the big picture)


💥Setting a mini goal(s) for each person (which clearly states how they can individually contribute to making the big goal happen)

The transformation you’ll experience from your team when you do this is HUGE:

✔️ Because communicating the goal makes it real

✔️ Explaining the goal makes it practical 

✔️ Talking about the goal shifts the focus to the HOW

✔️ Focusing on the how starts to shift the brain to POSSIBILITY thinking

✔️ And then starts the process of ACTION TAKING

And all of this ↑ empowers every individual to know explicitly how they can help and contribute to your success

Sounds good right

So if you want to get started on communicating (or maybe even re-setting) goals start with answering this simple question ⬇️

“On the 31st December 2021 when I’m celebrating {insert favourite way to celebrate} the huge success my business has enjoyed in the last 8 months we’ll be celebrating ____________.”

Goal setting on both a business and individual level is one of my super powers 💥so if you want intimate support to set, communicate and motivate your team towards your big goals, reach out to me.


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