Find out WHO to hire based on your UNIQUE

Leadership Style


To hire RIGHT you need to choose someone who will compliment you.

Take this quiz to determine your leadership style AND unlock your matching "TYPE" of WHO will compliment you.

You'll be asked 6 simple but powerful questions. Your result will be instantly emailed to you in a report that explains your Leadership Style and your Hiring Match.


Don’t overthink your answers. Go with your gut and choose the answer that feels the most right for you in the moment.


Hey, I"m Paula

Let me introduce myself 🙂

I'm Hiring & Leadership Coach and I help fast-growing entrepreneurs build high-performing teams so they can get their time back, scale with ease and create the life they damn well deserve!

I believe every entrepreneur deserves to have a capable team that they trust and have an unshakable belief that their team is able to deliver on their big dreams.

And I'm on a mission to support amazing people just like you do exactly this!

I’ve bundled my 17+ years of corporate recruitment & HR experience into this handy guide to help you avoid the common mistakes and get some clear action steps you can take (right now!) to start to turn your team from average into rockstar material.

I can't wait to see the changes you enjoy instantly after reading these handy tips.