You’re already a great boss! You’re highly capable and are probably doing #allthethings right now.

You’re excited by the thought of having someone on your team who you can delegate tasks to. You might also be feeling a bit tentative about handing over control, and you’re keen to take things slowly and work things out as you go.

You’re happy to be as involved as is necessary so your new team member has everything they need to do an amazing job, but eventually you’d like to be less involved so you can focus on more value-adding tasks.


Who your next team member should be

You’re most likely looking for THE DOER, or perhaps THE PROJECT MANAGER or OBM (Online Business Manager).

You need someone who’s willing to learn your way of doing things, but who also shows some initiative and can take on more responsibility over time.

They’ll also need to be willing to follow instructions, but can also take a task and run with it when needed.

Since you’re feeling cautious, perhaps even nervous, it’s important to reflect on what level of support will make you feel most comfortable, and then hire someone to match that. If it’s more important that they get things done, hire a DOER. If it’s more important they take the lead, bring ideas and suggestions to the table, hire an OBM for the strategy. If you need both – you may need to make two hires.

What to look for when hiring

The characteristics to look for in your new team member are:

  • a proactive communication style
  • a willingness to work within systems
  • a willingness to share information
  • a willingness to grow within the role and take on more responsibility
  • a preference to work autonomously.
Ready to Grow-Insights-Into-You-New

a little insight into you

It’s natural to feel nervous when hiring a new team member. But in order to grow and scale, you need to delegate, and that means handing over control while staying in control.

One way to settle those nerves is to come up with appropriate ‘check-in points’, so you can catch and correct mistakes before they go public. Mistakes are normal and when handled well, they can be golden opportunities for feedback and learnings.

what to do next

OK... so now you’re starting to learn a bit more about yourself as a leader (at this unique stage of your business) and the type of person you need to hire.

To build further on that, you need to consider your future business and the role you want to play in it.

Right now, you might feel like you’re doing everything in your business (and maybe you are!).

You might be dealing with all or any of the following:

  • Customer Generation (lead generation, social media, content creation, all the marketing)
  • Service Delivery (delivering the training, the product, or whatever awesome thing you do)
  • Customer Retention (thinking about new products or services, community management, customer service)
  • Technology (the website, the email system, etc)
  • All the administration & finance (invoicing, receipts, credit card payments, tax)
  • and more!

Your Next Step is

To imagine your future.

And more specifically, IMAGINE YOU in your FUTURE business.

The one where you have a team of A-Players surrounding you and supporting you.

Where you have the freedom and flexibility to work in a way that adds the most value to the business, while the rest is driven by your team.

  • Write down what YOU WILL be doing.
  • And write down all the things you WON'T be doing.

Describe your ideal role and start to list out all the things someone else can be doing.

For the moment, forget about your nerves or uncertainty about someone's ability to do these tasks to the level you need them. Write out this list assuming they've got this!

As you list out the activities you won't be doing, consider how easy or hard it would be to train someone junior (someone who hasn’t done this sort of thing before), OR whether it would feel better to work with someone with experience (someone who has done this before and just needs to learn your way).

This may begin to feel obvious to you, or it may not. Either is OK. You'll be able to put processes and systems in place (such as feedback and check-in points) so you stay in control when you get to that stage of handing over your tasks.

For the moment however, just work on describing YOUR ROLE and listing out ALL THE THINGS someone else can be doing.

This is your first step to success!

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