PODCAST #70: Why your GUT health is affecting your performance at work with Dr Heather Finley

Why You’ve Got To Listen To Today’s Episode:

Have you ever wondered why you’re consistently hitting that slump at 2pm and reaching for another coffee? Do you struggle with a case of brain fog when you go to write that blog post? Or maybe you’re experiencing digestive issues and trouble sleeping. 


Today, I chat with the amazing Dr Heather Finley about how your gut health may be affecting your performance at work and in life.


Hailing from the US, Dr Heather is a registered dietician and gut health specialist who is dedicated to helping people with issues such as bloating, constipation and irritable bowel syndrome. Dr Heather’s work has been featured in many publications such as Mind Body Green, Yahoo!, Life and Very Well Health - to name a few!


Dr Heather’s wealth of knowledge on digestive health is incredibly eye-opening, and she shares some interesting facts on eating habits and their potential to affect our performance as entrepreneurs.


We talk in depth about healthy gut bacteria and how it can prevent diseases and infection and how it can make us more resilient to stress - an extremely valuable asset for busy entrepreneurs!


Rather than focusing on the foods or ingredients we should be avoiding, Dr Heather’s approach to achieving a healthy gut is all about integrating healthy practices into our day-to-day. 


We discuss these healthy practices and lifestyle habits and how it is really possible to make changes or additions to our routines to ensure our bodies operate at their best.


If you haven’t thought about how your gut health may be affecting your productivity, I encourage you to be open and really take in the valuable wisdom that Dr Heather has to offer. 


We share some simple ideas you can use right away to easily create more variety in your life, and I hope that today’s episode will support you to take steps to enhance your performance in life and as you grow your business.


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