PODCAST #41: How to Write an Enticing Job Ad to Attract Quality Applicants

Why You’ve Got To Listen To Today’s Episode:

You’ve taken the plunge, made the decision to hire and posted your job ad. The anticipation for adding support and scaling your biz is high. You check the ad multiple times a day, excited to see who applies. Yet…you’re getting crickets. If this sounds familiar, you have no doubt asked “where are all the awesome people hiding” or “how do I get people to see my ad and apply?” Never fear, this episode will answer those questions and more.

I dive into the 2 key elements you need for job ad success plus -

- How to write your job advert so it doesn’t suck and attracts your next rockstar
- Why where you advertise isn’t as simple as heading straight to Seek
- The finer details you may be overlooking that are the difference between getting the awesome applicants without the time wasters.

So let’s say goodbye to boring job ads that leave your inbox empty and say hello to ad success that entices the right applicants, who can’t wait to work with you. Don’t waste any more time on the wrong ads, dive in now to skill yourself up and nail your next ad.


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