Is your team wandering blind in the woods?

July 1, 2023

Are your team wandering blind in the woods

Is your team wandering blind in the woods?

>> GOALS <<

Love them or hate them, but without CLEAR individual goals for your team that link into your BIG BUSINESS goal >> you are sabotaging the success of your team.

As an entrepreneur it’s likely that you have “big goals” for yourself.

As a high achiever, this part comes naturally to you.

Even if it’s hidden amongst the fear of setting a goal too high and missing.

But the next part, of breaking that big goal down into individual goals for each person working with you is much harder. 

In fact, most of my clients find this really hard.

Recently, I had the pleasure of presenting a workshop on OVERWHELM to a group of entrepreneurs and you know the first *hack* I shared to shift their brain out of overwhelm?

1️⃣ For them to clarify their business goals – to write it down, then  

2️⃣ Break that big goal into chunks (called milestones or progress markers), then

3️⃣ Turn those milestones or progress markers into KPIs or activity trackers for their team

The benefit of working through this process is that it helps your brain clearly see what YOU and YOUR TEAM need to focus on which in turn parks the overwhelm and helps everyone to focus on ** progress **

The benefits of doing this are HUGE!

Imagine every single individual feeling empowered through the clarity of how they can measure their success…

And YOU feeling clear and confident that they are working on the right things.

Sounds good right?

So, if you want to get started on communicating (or maybe even re-setting) goals, start with answering this simple question:

“On the 31st December 2023 when I’m celebrating how successful my business has become, what am I celebrating having happened?”

Goal setting on both a business and individual level is one of my super powers so if you want intimate support to set, communicate and motivate your team towards your big goals, reach out to me and let’s have a chat on a Dream Team Discovery Call.


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