How to Hire People for Your Small Business | Tips to Make Hiring Easier

July 1, 2024

How to Hire People for Your Small Business Tips to Make Hiring Easier

When it’s time to hire for your small business, it’s common to feel a bit daunted by the task ahead. The hiring and screening process certainly takes up valuable time, and of course, you want to get it right so you don’t have to deal with poor performance, having to fire someone, or finding yourself back at the drawing board in three months’ time.

With the changing business environment that most of my clients are experiencing in 2024, your time is even more precious. So, here I share the five essential ingredients to hiring success in 2024.

Why Knowing How to Hire Is Crucial

Hiring isn’t just about filling a position; it’s about finding the right fit for your business. When you know how to hire well, you gain a quiet confidence that allows you to hold high expectations and have necessary conversations without fear of rocking the boat. This confidence stems from knowing you can always find someone else who fits your needs if necessary.

A sustainable business relies on systems rather than people who are irreplaceable. When your business runs on systems, it continues smoothly even when team members come and go. This allows you to value your team without being overly attached to any individual, knowing that the right fit is always out there if needed.

5 Essential Tips to Make Hiring Easier for Your Small Business

1. Spend Time Getting Clear on What You Want

Begin by clearly defining what you want in a new hire. Complete the sentence: “I would be so delighted if the person did this… like that.”

Understanding your ideal candidate’s traits, skills, and behaviors helps create a focused vision. Equally important is identifying what you don’t want in an employee. This can be articulated by finishing the sentence: “I would hate it if….” This process not only clarifies your expectations but also ensures you avoid potential pitfalls.

2. Write a Unique Job Advertisement

Your job advert should reflect your business’s unique culture and working environment. Are you super fun? Include jokes in your advert. Are you highly professional and prefer formal communication? Use polished language.

By writing with feeling and personality, you stand out from the crowd and attract candidates who resonate with your style. This approach filters out applicants who might not be a good cultural fit, saving you time and effort in the long run.

3. Include a Question or Activity in the Application Process

At the end of your job advert, add a specific request for applicants. This could be recording a 60-second video, answering four key questions, or sending a portfolio link.

This step helps you quickly assess the applicants’ skills and enthusiasm, and it discourages those who aren’t genuinely interested or capable. It’s an effective way to screen for quality candidates early in the process.

4. Use the Hiring Process to Gather Information

The hiring process is not just about selecting the right candidate; it’s also an opportunity to gather valuable information about market trends, salary expectations, and candidate preferences regarding work hours and flexibility.

Stay flexible to meet the market demands while keeping your core requirements intact. This approach ensures you remain competitive and attractive to top talent.

5. Conduct a Good Interview

Learn how to conduct interviews that allow you to make confident hiring decisions. Prepare questions that assess both skills and cultural fit, and create an environment where candidates feel comfortable and can show their true selves.

When it comes time to decide, you’ll have gathered enough information to feel assured that the person you choose is the right fit for your team and your business needs.

I hope these tips provide valuable insights into making the hiring process for your small business easier and more effective. By spending time upfront to clarify your needs, crafting a compelling job advert, including a practical application step, gathering market information, and conducting thorough interviews, you’ll be well on your way to hiring success.

If you’d like to learn the exact steps to hire with confidence every time, book in an obligation-free Dream Team Discovery Call with me here.


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