Episode 130 - Client Lesson #2: Common Hiring Mistakes You Can Avoid

Why You’ve Got To Listen To Today’s Episode:

Welcome to our brand new Client Lessons series.

These are short sharp episodes where Paula Maidens draws on her client coaching calls each week to share a key lesson, learning or tip in a way that is quick and easy for you to digest.


Client Lesson Summary 

This lesson dives into the importance of creating an effective application screening process to quickly identify suitable candidates for a role. Emphasising the need to avoid getting distracted by a candidate's potential and to focus on the must-have criteria.


Key Takeaways 

  • Create an application process that allows for quick screening of candidates.
  • Avoid getting distracted by a candidate's potential and focus on your must-have criteria.
  • Why you need to make sure your screening process is both strategic and efficient.
  • How clear application questions and steps will support you to identify suitable candidates.


Key ideas 

  • Don't let yourself get distracted with somebody's potential.
  • Whittle those applications right down to your top 10 really quickly.
  • When screening ask yourself - Did they follow the process that we asked them to follow?


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