7 signs its time to hire in your business

April 15, 2019


I often get asked đź‘‰ When is the Right Time to start to hire a team?

And if I’m honest, many of the people I speak to – typically leave it until they are stressed, overwhelmed, over loaded, too busy and well feeling a bit desperate.

If that’s you, don’t worry – that’s totally normal, but it’s time to get started on growing your team and getting you some help! If you aren’t feeling that way yet (great!) there are some clear signs that you can look out for, to help you head off these feelings that will come, if you do nothing.

Here are the 7 signs to know when it’s time to hire in some support.

  1. BAD ENERGY – This is when there are tasks you are doing that are really getting you down. These might be tasks you really don’t like doing and are probably the ones you really procrastinate over (and you know you slow down progress because you take sooo long, to get this done).
  2. BORED – This when there are tasks that you do in your business so often, that you can do them with your eyes shut. They may feel really ‘easy’ but they certainly aren’t lighting you up anymore. They may be essential, but they may no longer be the best use of your valuable time.
  3. YOU DON’T KNOW HOW – This is when there are things you want to get moving on, but you don’t know how to do them technically or where to start conceptually.
  4. BUSY – I think we can all relate to this one! This is when there are so many things you want to do, would rather do or know you should be doing …. but you just don’t have the time!
  5. BALANCE – This is when you aren’t getting to see your husband/wife/mom/brother/ kid/dog/favourite barista anymore (or at least as much as you’d like to when you think about your ideal balanced life). Your current business work/life/adventure/lifestyle balance or isn’t where you want it to be.
  6. ADVICE – This is when your mentor or business peer (the people who understand your business well) are telling you that to be able to grow, you need a proper support system around you. And they may have been saying it for a while now….
  7. BIG DREAMS – You have big dreams for your business and for your future. You know you want to achieve more but capacity is restricting you – and it feels like something needs to give.

Sound familiar? Perhaps it’s time to get serious about growing your team and really growing your business.

Sometimes we need to stop, work out who & where we are right now and where we want to go – to really be able to put our foot down on the accelerator pedal. Many people at this transition stage feel uncertain, scared and sometimes a bit stuck. That’s because what got you here, won’t get you there. It’s time to do things a bit differently.

Want to know a great secret? Building a Great Team begins with having great clarity around yourself as a leader.

Your Leadership Style directly impacts the TYPE OF PERSON you should hire on your team. The type that will mean success for you both.

Interested in learning your Leadership Style for where you are right now in your business? Take this 2 minute Leadership Quiz you’ll be well on your way to hiring success.

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