PODCAST #59: Reflections & Plans: My Year In Review and what's ahead for 2023

Why You’ve Got To Listen To Today’s Episode:

It’s that time of year when everyone is reflecting, planning and strategising. So I’m taking you behind the scenes of my own business and sharing my reflection process and framework, including what’s working, the wins and where the opportunities to improve may be. This checkin process is super helpful to ensure your dream business is facilitating your dream life!

Dive in to find out -

- Why it’s important to look at both your business and the personal side when reflecting on your year and creating goals for 2023
- How and why I changed my goal setting from solely numbers based to feelings based
- The lesson on the importance of prioritising investing in the little things that are often easy to overlook
- What I learnt about launching in 2022 that won’t be coming with me into 2023

If you’re ready to reflect on your own year in business and take those learnings into createing an epic 2023, tune in to my tried and tested framework and insights that I come back to every year. Enjoy.


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