PODCAST #49: Why Most People Get Hiring Wrong (and how to avoid that)

Why You’ve Got To Listen To Today’s Episode:

In this episode I share the reason most people hire the wrong people and how you can ensure as a CEO and entrepreneur that you don’t. So if you’ve found yourself asking “where are all the good people hiding”, made some less than amazing hires or you’re simply too scared or unsure where to start with hiring, this episode’s for you.

Tune in to find out:

● Why thinking externally not internally when it comes to hiring is the biggest error you can make
● The importance of hiring in a strategic way with clarity
● Why making emotional hiring decisions is a recipe for disaster
● What rockstar team members are looking for in an employer

So let’s avoid the obstacles and potential errors and get you on the fast track to a hiring process that results in success - allowing you the space and freedom to focus on your business goals, not spending hours on team maintenance and repairs.


I teach the process of how to get crystal clear on your leadership style, your preferences and the specifics of the role you are hiring and the team you want to create - in my program Hiring Mastery - which kicks off on the 10th October. Doors are open right now and we close them on Friday the 7th October, 2022… so if you want to dive deep and learn my full process check it out.

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