PODCAST #47: What is NOT Hiring Well Costing You

Why You’ve Got To Listen To Today’s Episode:

As entrepreneurs and CEOs we all want to hire A-Players. However, so many people simply accept the status quo, always waiting for a ‘better time’ to hire. Usually this happens in one of two ways - continuing to manage the workload yourself because it seems like the simple option or bringing on support in an ad hoc way and crossing your fingers. So in today’s episode, I’m cutting through these limiting stories and sharing why they might be costing you.

Dive in to hear:

- The reality of doing it all yourself is not sustainable and band-aid solutions don’t fix anything
- How your belief that hiring is difficult is actually costing you and your business
- Why the best time to learn how to hire well is before you need it

So if you know hiring is in your future, or if you’re already long overdue and you’re craving finally getting some space and time back - this episode will help shift your thinking re the risks and costs to both your business and yourself by not investing in learning how to make great hiring decisions. As the saying goes…learn it once, execute it many times. The time is now - jump in.


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