PODCAST #34: Tales from my recruiting diary: My 8 most (ahem!) *INTERESTING* interviews

Why You’ve Got To Listen To Today’s Episode:

Recently I was calculating how many people I’ve interviewed over the last (ahem!) 17 years and it’s close to 3000!

So in this episode I’m opening up my ‘recruitment diaries’ and sharing my most interesting, wacky, surprising, weird, funny experiences and the hiring and business lessons I have learned along the way, that have shaped my signature hiring process I now teach.

Listen in to hear:

● About that time someone ran out the door when we tried to test his technical knowledge
● The time I was surprised and hired someone whose first impressions left me wondering
● Why & how I ended up in a very fast car racing down the motorway in Russia and what we can learn from that situation!
● The importance of discerning between those good at interviewing and those right for the job
● How a hiring process is necessary to avoid making costly hiring mistakes

This episode is jam packed with practical hiring lessons you can implement straight away and you’ll get a giggle as I re-tell some fun stories from my recruitment diaries.



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