Visionary Leader


You’re already a great boss! You’ve got the ideas, you know where you’re going, and you’re determined to grow, scale and succeed.

You’re highly capable and while you probably could learn and do all the things, you know your focus and energy is better spent elsewhere.

You’re excited by the potential of someone else who is capable and experienced joining the business and getting things done.

You aren’t interested in the detail – if there are systems to be set up, that person needs to do it! If there are details to be worked out, you don’t need to be involved.

You’re clear where your value is held and it’s not doing the nitty-gritty anymore. Go you!


Who your next team member should be

You’re most likely looking for THE PROJECT MANAGER or OBM (Online Business Manager), THE EXPERT or THE STRATEGIST.

You need someone who can listen to your big picture ideas, break them down into actionable tasks and manage the implementation. You’ve got the ideas – they need to bring the execution power.

You’re looking for someone who’s experienced, has ideally worked with an ideas person like you before, and within an already systemised business. They need to be able to visualise the structure and systems your business needs.

They also need to be able to work on their own and motivate themselves to get results. It’s unlikely you’ll succeed with someone who wants to have lots of meetings and work too closely with you on a daily basis.

What to look for when hiring

The key characteristics to look for centre around proactivity and proven past experience in relevant businesses similar to yours.

It’s their ability to implement and execute that’s important, combined with a strong desire to work autonomously.

Your ideal newbie will be motivated by the freedom you’re willing to offer.


a little insight into you

Your hands-off style means that hiring the right person is critical to your business success. So it’s important to spend the time upfront getting really clear on the details of who you need, and how to interview them to make sure you’re a great match!

Your leadership style may mean you’re not necessarily aware if things aren’t going to plan. So you'll also need to challenge your desire to not be involved with regular check-in conversations in the early days.

what to do next

OK... so now you’re starting to learn a bit more about yourself as a leader (at this unique stage of your business) and the type of person you need to hire.

To build further on that, you need to consider your future business and the role you want to play in it.

Right now, you might feel like you’re doing everything in your business (and maybe you are!).

You might be dealing with all or any of the following:

  • Customer Generation (lead generation, social media, content creation, all the marketing)
  • Service Delivery (delivering the training, the product, or whatever awesome thing you do)
  • Customer Retention (thinking about new products or services, community management, customer service)
  • Technology (the website, the email system, etc)
  • All the administration & finance (invoicing, receipts, credit card payments, tax)
  • and more!

Your Next Step is


And more specifically, IMAGINE YOU in your FUTURE business.

The one where you have a team of A-Players surrounding you and supporting you.

Where you have the freedom and flexibility to work in a way that adds the most value to the business, while the rest is driven by your team.

  • Write down what YOU WILL be doing.
  • And write down all the things you WON'T be doing.

Describe your ideal role and start to list out all the things someone else can be doing.

This is your first step to success!

And if you want 1:1 support to do this, grab a Dream Team Discovery Call and let's have a chat.

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