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WHAT IF you had a clear path with exact steps to move towards success, freedom and living the business life you

want & deserve?

I’m dedicated to helping entrepreneurs free up their time, by building awesome teams, implementing simple effective systems that drive results and turn you into a GREAT Leader and Digital CEO.

I focus on processes, productivity and results.

You set the goals, the timeframes and the pace and I'll provide the support, accountability, tools and guidance to make it happen.

I bring everything to the table. That's my 20 years of broad business experience - spanning finance, recruitment and human resources in a corporate, consulting and small business experience plus my first hand experience starting three of my own businesses ... all to save you time, money and heartache as I support you to build your dream team.




This is all about quickly getting to the heart of your current situation & the 'big challenge' and getting you moving forward, STAT.


  • We start our work together by you completing an Your Unique Team Strategy Questionnaire TM.
  • Next we dive into an intensive coaching session designed to move you from stuck & frustrated to confident and empowered.
  • We quickly get to the heart of the issue, step back and discuss your goals and strategy and then deep dive back in to create a clear plan and path to move you forward.
  • Designed to move you through your situation and out the other side, this laser focused coaching session is intensive but extremely effective

If you are feeling frustrated with a team member (or maybe even the output of your whole team) this is for you!

Or if you are feeling unsure who or how to hire - we'll get you clear and ready to confidently recruit!

If you are ready to TAKE ACTION click through to read more and book in your session

In addition to helping you grow your team, Paula can also run the numbers and do a mean downward-facing dog.



This is taking you on a leadership journey from where to you are to where you know you need to be, to get the results you deserve.  


  • This is a coaching program to build your knowledge, confidence, skills AND implement simple effective systems in your business to enable your team to succeed.
  • This program will transform you into an empowered, confident, decisive leader.
  • You set the pace as you build or transform your team into a trusted capable bunch of rockstars you know you deserve
  • You'll find clarity in your role and feel empowered to hand over all the shitty tasks you no longer need to do. You'll learn how to hold empower conversations and lead from the heart to create your capable team of rockstars

If you already have at least one "core" team member OR you are committed to quickly building a team to keep up with the pace of your growth, focusing on people, systems and simple frameworks that work - this 12 week program might be for you.

Reach out and let's explore further.


“I was referred to Paula by a friend and worked with her on my new business venture. In the beginning I had 3 children under 5 and was lacking in confidence and felt like it was all too hard most of the time.

If I hadn't had Paula in the beginning I would never have turned a profit at all to move forward or to further invest in the technology to keep reinvesting back into the business. The first year we made a small loss, however another 6 months later - the business is making just under $400k a month profit, and growing by 10% each month.

I've been approached to buy the business for just under $20mil. It really wouldn't have grown to the level it did without Paula's guidance in the beginning and her smart systems and recruitment.

I have kept all my staff with me, which shows that the right recruitment is key.”

Jane McFadden,
Director, Body Mind