do you have people headaches or feel stuck with hiring?

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WHAT IF you had a clear path with exact steps to transform into an empowered CEO with a powerful support team so you can live the life you

want & deserve?

I’m here to bring out the best in you so you can step up and LEAD in a powerful, graceful and effective way. 

We start with understanding YOU and then we quickly shift gears to building simple processes and frameworks in your business, to get you the results you want.

Private Coaching is about building your knowledge and setting you and your business up with the frameworks you'll need both for this stage of your business and to get you to the next stage.

Your Private Coaching experience will be completely custom to you and your needs.  You'll learn my powerful framework and I'll provide the support, accountability and guidance to support you to make the transformation within yourself and your team, that you are craving.

You'll learn from my 15+ years of HR & Recruitment experience and my 20+ years of broad business experience - plus my first hand experience starting three of my own businesses ... all focused on supporting you to build a Dream Team to support your Dream Life (and save you a heck of a lot of time, money and heartache along the way)




Short & Intense - this is a deep dive into your business, where we quickly get to the heart of your challenge.

We'll review or refine your Team Strategy before shifting into action taking mode, mapping an exact path forward so you have the clarity and confidence you need to take action. 


  • Before the Call - you complete a Big Dreams Great Teams ™️ Questionnaire
  • On the Call - We have a powerful 2 Hour intensive Coaching Session designed to give you strategic clarity AND move you from feeling stuck and frustrated to confident and clear.
  • After the Call - Templates or Tip sheets are provided to you via a shared google drive; you get Access to Paula for 1 week of Email Support and the call is recorded & sent to you

This laser focused coaching session is extremely effective.

It's perfect if you are feeling frustrated with a team situation OR if you are stuck with your next hire and want to define your Hiring Strategy.

You'll walk away with absolute clarity and an exact action plan mapped out. Ready to book your Strategy & Action Intensive? Click on the button below 👇🏼

In addition to helping you grow your team, Paula can also run the numbers and do a mean downward-facing dog.


12 WEEK ROCKSTAR TEAM Program ($3000+GST x 3mths)

Transforming your leadership and the performance of your team so you can THRIVE as a graceful and powerful CEO of your growing empire.  


This program is most suited to businesses who are mid-6 figures and beyond.  When you are scaling fast, in catch up mode or simply need to focus on improving how supported YOU feel and how productive your TEAM is, this 12 week program is perfect for you.

  • First - we dive deep into your unique leadership style and design your unique team strategy that will suit your style, your lifestyle desires AND your business goals.
  • Next - we look at your existing team for simple, effective improvements to the way you are all working together, so you can be less involved, see performance increase and get your time and space back.
  • Then - we identify the gaps in your  team and (if necessary) map an exciting recruitment plan to take your business to its next stage. If Hiring is required - we'll create a Hiring Strategy to attract your next rockstar
  • Along the way - you’ll learn how to have a dynamic and empowering conversations so your team members step up and thrive to produce high quality work that you can rely on and trust, allowing you to get space and start to feel real momentum towards the business and life of your dreams.

A lot can happen in just 12 weeks.

So if you are ready to explore transforming how you feel about your business and your team, click the button below to book a no-obligation Dream Team Discovery call and let's chat.


“I was referred to Paula by a friend and worked with her on my new business venture. In the beginning I had 3 children under 5 and was lacking in confidence and felt like it was all too hard most of the time.

If I hadn't had Paula in the beginning I would never have turned a profit at all to move forward or to further invest in the technology to keep reinvesting back into the business. The first year we made a small loss, however another 6 months later - the business is making just under $400k a month profit, and growing by 10% each month.

I've been approached to buy the business for just under $20mil. It really wouldn't have grown to the level it did without Paula's guidance in the beginning and her smart systems and recruitment.

I have kept all my staff with me, which shows that the right recruitment is key.”

Jane McFadden,
Director, Body Mind

"I am feeling excited for the future, less overwhelmed and more structured in my business management and leadership approach

I feel better equipped with the right language and the approach to use when facing difficulties with my remote team.

By working together I have been able to cement or clarify my direction for my business which is flowing into a clearer understanding of my expectations for my staff.

Thank you!

Sarah Parkinson,
Director - Diverse Bookkeeping