PODCAST #69: Team VALUES and why they are critical to a High Performing Team

Why You’ve Got To Listen To Today’s Episode:

Today we're talking about team values and how having a value statement plays a critical part in building a high performing team. 


It can be easy to think of mission or value statements as just words on a glossy marketing brochure to present to customers. However, I run through what team values actually ARE and how they become the backbone of the way things are done internally.


Whether you are a small business owner or you are just starting out, defining your guiding principles is vital so your team can meet and exceed your highest expectations.


If you struggle to let go and delegate, you may need to work out how to clearly articulate your values, both personally and in business. What’s important to you? What words ring true for you? How do you want people to feel?


I talk about how blending your guiding principles into a set of team values will give you the confidence to step away and trust the people you work with.
I also share a real life example with you on how to effectively collaborate with your team and make this happen.


I will encourage you to dig deep and get clarification on your overarching principles so that in time, you see your team culture shift in a really positive way and I hope to help you start thinking about what actionable steps you can take today to move towards building your high performing dream team!


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