PODCAST #67: What you need to know to LEAD in a POWERFUL + GRACEFUL way

Why You’ve Got To Listen To Today’s Episode:

Today’s topic is leadership. In particular, what does a POWERFUL and GRACEFUL leader look like? How do you need to act and react to be both powerful and graceful? In this episode I talk about one of the big things I teach my clients, and that is how to step up into power as a CEO. 


When I talk to my clients about stepping up as CEOs in their businesses, I teach them to lead in a way that feels authentic to them. I teach them that a leader can be both powerful and graceful at the same time. And most importantly, that leading in your integrity will help you grow the business of your dreams. 


The balancing act of leading a team and trusting that they can support you can be a struggle, and I see this often with my clients. In this episode, I share 4 common leadership traits that prevent CEO’s in leading with authentic power and my thoughts on how to combat them. 


In our society, ‘power’ can often have a negative connotation - it can suggest that you’re mean, dictating or domineering. However, by my definition, being powerful means you’re simply getting what you need done. 


And getting what you need can be done gracefully. This means leading in a way that feels smooth, has synergy and where you experience a flow between you and your team.


POWERFUL and GRACEFUL can go hand-in-hand. 


My hope is that today’s episode will get you thinking about your leadership style and what changes you can make to empower yourself as a strong, graceful and effective leader. 


What is one step you can take today to elevate the way you’re leading your team in 2023?


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