PODCAST #66: Feeling BUSY? Ask yourself these 3 easy questions

Why You’ve Got To Listen To Today’s Episode:

Today’s episode is a little bit of a personal share, where I give you a behind-the-scenes look at what’s going on for me in my business. In particular, how I’m working through this really strong sense of feeling busy. 


We know that business goes through lots of ebbs and flows - periods of hustle, periods of stabilisation and those wonderful bouts of growth. And then we reach those times where we need to work out our processes and review our foundations.


All of this can create a real sense of ‘busyness’, and while I believe being busy is just a phase, I also know that it’s not going to fix itself. 


For me, hitting my highest level of business revenue was incredibly exciting. But it also made me feel the busiest I’ve ever felt, and reaching the goal of work/life balance felt pretty unachievable. 


Today I share 3 specific questions I’m asking myself to reflect on this current state of busyness. If your diary is feeling jammed and you need more space to do the things you want to do, I urge you to ask yourself these questions too. 


While I’m a work in progress, I’ve already found asking myself these questions about WHY I’m feeling busy to be really effective. The practical steps I’ve taken after these reflections have significantly reduced my feelings of being overwhelmed. 


So, if you’re feeling busy and completely under the pump, I hope this episode both inspires and challenges you to take the time to dig a little deeper and uncover practical ways to help you feel more in control in your business.


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