PODCAST #65: 5 Tips to Get Hiring RIGHT in 2023

Why You’ve Got To Listen To Today’s Episode:

In today’s episode I’m gifting you, as entrepreneurs and business owners, my top 5 tips to hire right this year. Consider this your cheat sheet to bypass the hiring hassles and nail your choice when it comes to hiring your first (or next) team member. For your business to truly thrive, it’s critical to get your team right.


So pop this episode on to find out - 


  • The importance of managing expectations - from the start!
  • Why being specific is your best friend to ensure your team performs well
  • How to learn to handover (and actually leave) when delegating tasks
  • Why alignment must be part of the hiring equation and what you need to obtain it
  • My bonus tip to really seal your hiring success


So regardless of what stage of your team building journey you’re at… this episode will give you the clarity and focus to ace your next hire - without the overwhelm and regret.




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