PODCAST #64: The top digital distractions facing every entrepreneur and what to do about it with Dr Kristy Goodwin

Why You’ve Got To Listen To Today’s Episode:

I’m thrilled to be speaking to my client and friend the incredible Dr Kristy Goodwin who is a digital wellbeing and productivity expert. Kristy helps you manage your digital distractions and take back control of your attention – one micro-habit at a time and what’s even better she **doesn’t** think we need to ditch social media or netflix binges in the process! (Thank goodness!)


This episode shares the top digital distractions all entrepreneurs are facing and practical suggestions for how we can implement digital boundaries, so you can feel less stressed, burnt out and kiss goodbye to the feeling of being ‘always on’.

Join us for this insightful, research backed discussion about our neurobiology and how you can stop letting your digital devices sabotage your success and instead support you to achieve your big goals for 2023 and beyond.


Where to find Kristy 

Website: https://drkristygoodwin.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drkristy

Where to find Paula

Website: https://paulamaidens.com

Instagram: @paulamaidensconsulting 

Facebook: @paulamaidensbuildingawesometeams

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