PODCAST #57: 2 Ways To Supercharge Your Team & Get Your Time Back Before The End Of The Year!

Why You’ve Got To Listen To Today’s Episode:

Every entrepreneur & CEO running a business wants to maximise their time and feel a sense of space and flow. So when the team you’ve hired to support this goal isn’t cutting it, you start to ask the question - is it worth it? So I’m diving into the 2 best ways to get your time back when you are running a business with a team and it’s feeling busy and chaotic. 


To supercharge your team and get your time (and sanity!) back, dive in to find out:


  • The top two tips to supercharging your team’s performance
  • Why hiring great people isn’t enough to result in a powerful team
  • How often only a few tweaks are needed to elevate your team’s performance
  • How to avoid a mismatch between expectations and deliverables
  • The importance of daily priorities that your team knows

So if you want to make impactful changes to empower your team and most importantly…. see tangible results & progress towards your big business goals, freeing you up to live the life of your dreams, pop this ep on and set yourself up for a calm and expansive 2023.


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