PODCAST #55: How to know when you are 'in your own way' (and how to get out!) with Dr Krystal Connor

Why You’ve Got To Listen To Today’s Episode:

In today’s episode I chat with the amazing Dr. Krystal Connor, a life coach helping women ditch the status quo so they can thrive in business and life without stress, overwhelm and 24/7 hustle.We dive into how to live better, more fulfilling lives whilst chasing our big goals.

Listen in to hear -

  • What living a 10/10 life means and is it really possible
  • How to manage the juggle of business, kids, health, relationship & finances
  • Why we might need to redefine what ‘having it all’ looks like
  • What is self sabotage and how to know if you’re in your own way
  • Why boundaries are so important and how to check in with yours
  • Kyrstal’s top 3 tips for living a 10/10 life

  • So if living a 10/10 life is your goal, dive into this insightful, advice filled ep now.


    Where to find Krystal:

    Website: hkrystalconnor.com
    Instagram: @drkrystalconnor

    The Year of the Dangerous Woman Mastermind:https://www.krystalconner.com/dwmastermind

    Where to find Paula

    Website: https://paulamaidens.com
    Instagram: @paulamaidensconsulting
    Facebook: @paulamaidensbuildingawesometeams

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