PODCAST #54: Behind The Scenes - Hiring challenges & lessons learned from 7 Figure Entrepreneur, Tina Tower

Why You’ve Got To Listen To Today’s Episode:

In today’s episode, I chat with Tina Tower, an incredible 7 figure entrepreneur and business coach,, author, mum and happy wife! We go behind the scenes for a raw conversation about team. With Tina’s latest mission to help 100 women build million dollar businesses by 2025, this is one conversation not to be missed.

Dive in to hear:

  • Why Tina believes “how you start is how you finish” & how it influences her business decision making
  • The reason you should opt out when the joy is gone
  • How healthy boundaries are critical with both your business and team
  • Why as entrepreneurs wearing all the hats, some feel easier to take off than others
  • Why you need to give people the chance to opt out before they opt in
  • Tina’s current journey to expanding her team

  • So if going behind the scene into the thought processes and decision making for Tina’s current team expansion and the lessons from her previous businesses sounds invaluable - you’re right! Don’t waste time, tune in now.


    You can find Tina Tower at the links below:

    Website: https://www.tinatower.com/
    Instagram: @tina_tower
    Podcast: Her Empire Builder

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