PODCAST #53: Four ways you might be limiting your team's potential

Why You’ve Got To Listen To Today’s Episode:

You’ve hired your support team and you can finally sit back and relax into your genius zone without all the interruptions. But wait, that’s not actually happening is it?! You’re still feeling interrupted and you’re wondering why your team isn’t just getting the job done. I hear this from clients all the time. So today, I’m diving into four possible ways you may accidentally be limiting your team’s potential - and as a result, messing with your space and flow, and theirs too.

Dive in to find out:

● Why you don’t want your team waiting on you to be able to do their work and how to avoid this
● The benefits of being disciplined and clear on what great outcomes look like, before handing over new tasks to your team
● How “shadowing” your team is detrimental to their success
● When not handing over decision making power and giving some authority, results in increased check ins and unnecessary delays .

If any of these are sounding true for you, tune in to hear how you can take steps to reset and realign how you’re working with your team, so limits are removed and both your team and your business can elevate!


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