PODCAST #51: Do you have the 6 ingredients to an Effective Team?

Why You’ve Got To Listen To Today’s Episode:

We all want effective, high performing teams working in our business. So I’m taking you behind the scenes on the framework for my powerful team coaching, so you can get a sense of what might be missing in your team, especially if they are not feeling awesome right now.

So tune in to learn about my 6 Pillars to Building Awesome Teams and find out:

● Why the starting point is always you & how authentic leadership is essential
● The need for getting crystal clear re your expectations of each team member and knowing what a great job looks like
● How to implement team meetings and correcting conversations to remove communication obstacles
● Why “this is the way we like to do things here” is essential for a business to thrive with both systems and culture
● The importance of regular reviews if you have the right people in the right roles

So if you’re in need of some ideas and direction to make your team more effective and for you to feel more supported by a team who deliver what you need them to - dive in!


If you are sitting there and your team is feeling heavy. You WISH they were doing more, producing moire, working better, making your life EASIER then I want to invite you to reach out to me and book in a Dream Team Discovery Call.

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