PODCAST #43: The Four Management Styles - Which One Are You?

Why You’ve Got To Listen To Today’s Episode:

If you currently feel disappointed or frustrated with the way someone on your team - maybe your whole team - are performing, this episode is for you. I dive into the 4 different styles of management - and how and when you should shift in between these styles to bring out the best in each individual on your team.

So tune in to find out -

- The four management styles & how to know which one you use
- How each style impacts the results you get from your team
- Why you may need to use different styles at different times and for different people

As you know, hiring great people is critical, however knowing how to lead them well is the other essential piece to having the rockstar team that feels fabulous and you know you deserve. So if it’s time to learn how to lead people to ultimately do what you want them to do - in the way you want them to do it, start here by finding out the four management styles and which one you currently use. Enjoy.


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