PODCAST #42: Balancing investing, profitability & paying yourself and why you should ditch the rules with Jazze Jervis

Why You’ve Got To Listen To Today’s Episode:

In today’s ep, I welcome back 7 fig business coach, Jazze Jervis to riff on all things investing in team, balancing profitability and why business is not one size fits all. Jazze believes we are here to take up space and not be confined by the boxes society can put us in and wants to empower more women to lead lives they not only desire, but deserve.

This is a must listen ep, so tune in to hear us chat on:

- The balance between investing in team, paying yourself, profitability, and feeling abundant
- How to shift your perspective on profit and create a sustainable business
- The benefits of leaning into what it would feel like to not be doing all the things
- Learning to accept one size doesn’t fit all in business and how this is a disservice to you
- The importance of having a willingness to explore options and give yourself permission to pivot
- Why you need to build a business that doesn’t rely on you
- How to drop all the “shoulds” and connect back into how things feel

So if you’re in need of a megadose of business truthbombs that will elevate your awareness and shift you into greater alignment, make listening to this ep a priority today.


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