PODCAST #39: My Best & Worst Hires From My 12 Years In Business

Why You’ve Got To Listen To Today’s Episode:

In this episode I go behind the scenes of my own hiring experiences from my time in business and as a leader in corporate, to share 4 big hiring lessons from my best and worst hires. These lessons will support you on your own entrepreneurial journey of learning how to hire great people who feel great to you.

Listen in to hear -

- The importance of running your recruitment process from start to finish, even if you think you’ve found “the one”
- Why you shouldn’t be afraid of hiring someone with potential
- How clarity around your hiring criteria is essential to check applicants on must haves, nice to haves and avoid at all costs
- What the potential complications are of stretching your budget on a hire and when this should be avoided
- Why every applicant’s interview should be completed in full (even if you think they’re the wrong fit)

Learning to hire well is no mean feat so tune in to hear my tips so you can get strategic, prepared and arm yourself to make great decisions for your business.


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Website: https://paulamaidens.com
Instagram: @paulamaidensconsulting
Facebook: @paulamaidensbuildingawesometeams

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