PODCAST #37: The 5 Most Common Team Mistakes (& How You Can Avoid Them!)

Why You’ve Got To Listen To Today’s Episode:

Life might be easier if it came with a manual outlining the pitfalls to avoid and importantly, how to avoid them - and it’s absolutely no different in business. We would all love the insider secrets - especially when it comes to hiring and managing teams. So consider this episode your cheat’s guide to the most common mistakes made with teams and how you can absolutely be savvy enough to avoid them.

Dive in to hear -

- Why it’s important to take a considered approach when hiring, not an anything will do quick fix “bandaid”
- How clarity will be your best friend when hiring and working with your team
- Why teams thrive and your business elevates with systems and processes
- How to make having high expectations work for you, not against
- The critical skill of knowing when to hold on and when to let go

This time efficient, yet power packed episode will give you the insight needed to bypass the headaches and problems and get back to enjoying the process. It might just be the best 20 minutes you spend on your business this week.


Where to find Paula:

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