PODCAST #35: Supporting your team, business & self during challenging times - lessons from when my Dad was dying

Why You’ve Got To Listen To Today’s Episode:

The third anniversary of my dear Dad passing away is coming up in August. As it approaches, I’m finding myself spending lots of time remembering the crazy, challenging period that led up to his death and frankly, how I managed to cope with business and life at the time.

So this episode is a very raw personal share about how my 2 x businesses were managed during that 12 month period when I had to step away.

I explain with lots of details for each business exactly what team was in place, what existed around that team and how we and they functioned through that time, plus what worked and what didn’t work.

Dive in to hear this heartfelt share from Paula and find out:

● What you need to know to set your business up to succeed so you can step away - with or without notice
● The importance of systems and processes for both you and your team when challenging times show up
● Why clarity around your team’s roles and responsibilities is essential
● How quarterly business plans support you when you are suddenly unavailable

Challenging times rarely appear with advance warning. So don’t wait to test if you have a sustainable business when everything hits the fan - tune in and set yourself, your team and your business up to thrive, regardless of what is around the corner.


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