PODCAST #33: Don’t Hire A Unicorn! People Proof Your Business Instead

Why You’ve Got To Listen To Today’s Episode:

We’ve all dreamt about it. Hiring that fabulous unicorn who can do #allthethings in our business. A seemingly instant solution to all the pieces you’re trying to juggle and fit together. A fast track to business growth without the issues. Ok, let’s cut back to reality from that impossible fantasy. #Truthbomb - Unicorn team members don’t exist. And in today’s episode I’m going to tell you why and how by avoiding the unicorn dream you will people-proof your business and elevate at the same time.

In this episode I share:

● Why hiring a unicorn (if you can actually find one) is super high risk for your business
● The pitfalls of relying on one person and how you need to people proof instead
● How hiring average but feel good fit is the real secret
● The importance of knowing your hiring criteria and matching it to create a successful and sustainable business

If you want real expansion without the high risk fantasy, it’s time to build a team with rock solid systems - so tune in to this ep for a dose of no bs truth that will eliminate the heartache and elevate the average into an angelic team that thrives. Thank me later.


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