How to get enough time to focus on ‘team’

August 9, 2022


You’re currently bogged down in all the things.

You are  successful business owner,  a successful CEO, with a clear idea of your zone of genius and you know the multimillionaire version of you is waiting to step forward.

But let’s pause there.

To do that….you need to stop the story that you “don’t have time to focus on team”.

You being in the spotlight, centre stage. Doing insta lives, talking to clients, running events and showing up in all your amazing glory, serving your genius to the world….is not the only part of the production.

Every performance has a backstage crew. A BTS support team.

Superstars have a rockstar team.

Working the lights, the sound, organising the tickets, checking audio.

They simply would not be standing there in the limelight if it wasn’t for their team.

So if you are feeling stretched right now?

This is why.

Because you are doing all the roles of all the people. Juggling it all.

And you are convincing yourself you don’t have the time to change it.

The edge for millionaire business owners in the making is the team that’s helping them to make it happen.


Team might feel like the least sexy thing to invest in. You might be sitting there thinking of paying someone to help you as just an expense. More money going out the door without a big enough shiny ROI.

But let me tell you.

Investing in your team. In your ability to choose great people and lead them so they can take the weight off your shoulders.

Is the BIGGEST AND BEST investment of your time and your hard-earned dollars that you’ll spend when you’ve cleared 6 figures and you are racing towards 7 figures.

When you invest in your team, you invest in a support system who is bought into your vision, share your passion, fuel your ideas, bring their own ideas and make everything so much more possible

So the solution to finding the time to be able to focus on team?

>>>>> IS changing your perception of the importance of this aspect of growing your business

And simply LIFTING IT UP to the top of your To-Do List.


Every single day – you should be taking action towards moving the emphasis off you being the major DOER to you being the LEADER in your business

And leaders – they lead teams. They spend time on their team. 

That is truly the evolution and shift you need to make in your business – by moving team systems, processes, operations, efficiencies, feedback and communication from the bottom of your to-do list or your ‘one hour a month’ spot in your calendar to the top of your priorities – where you ** give it the time it needs to operate the way you need it to ***

Because if you aren’t prioritising it

You are accepting it

And the message you are sending your team, the universe and your future million dollar self –

“I’m OK with the status quo because I’m not prioritising investing in the people, the systems and the framework I need to improve and shift us outta here”

So, if you have read this far, you probably haven’t received the solution you were hoping for – BUT I want you to know I’m saying this from my heart and from my 15 years of experience supporting businesses to hire great people and develop into the leaders they need to be – to keep them and make them produce results that blow their minds.

So if you clicked on this article thinking “I wish I had more time or I don’t have time” then I want you to walk away with the clear message that you have ALL THE TIME YOU NEED.

You just need to choose

And it doesn’t have to take up all your time – find 2 hours per week to dedicate to it – and you’ll be noticing significant improvements straight away to the way you feel about your business.

And if reading this has you chomping at the bit with what you should be doing with those 2 hours a week or that time you are investing – jump across to my FREE facebook group and dive into the trainings there. It’s the Savvy Hiring Secrets for Entrepreneurs group.


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