Episode #98 - Avoid Hiring Headaches: Legal Advice for Growing Businesses with Tracey Mylecharane

Why You’ve Got To Listen To Today’s Episode:

In this episode of Big Dreams Great Teams™, I am joined by Tracey Mylecharane, an unconventional business lawyer who delivers confidence to small business owners. Tracey founded her business with an empower ethos and a commitment to educate and empower small business owners to back themselves, legally. Today, we discuss the legal side of hiring people and having a team in your business.


We talk about what all business owners need to know from a legal perspective when they get to the stage of having other people working for them, whether they are building a team or engaging subcontractors. We discuss how important it is for business owners to know and be mindful of certain legal definitions before diving into the hiring process. Tracey shares some examples of common hiring situations and how easy it can be to fall into hiring headaches further down the track due to a lack of clarity at the start of the hiring process.


Tracey shares how there are no shortcuts when hiring people, and discusses the importance of having the right legal documents in place to serve your business, and set both parties up for success. We talk about Tracey’s ethos in business and the ways in which she educates and empowers time-tight business owners and entrepreneurs to navigate their obligations, minimise their risk, design tailored legal documents, and manage any legal roadblocks so that they can focus on driving business with confidence and peace of mind.


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