Episode #96 - Mastering Retention: Nurturing Your Team for 3+ Years with Jazze Jervis

Why You’ve Got To Listen To Today’s Episode:

In this episode, I am joined by a great friend and previous client of mine, Jazze Jervis. Jazze is an entrepreneur, investor, and seven-figure business coach. Today, we go behind the scenes of her incredible business to gain some insight into how she works with her Online Business Manager (OBM) and team. Together, Jazze and her OBM have built a powerful team that operates with autonomy and efficiency.


Jazze breaks down her current team set-up and dynamic, and shares how the team has come together over the last few years. We explore how Jazze’s OBM manages the team and how they have worked hard to create a team that works in their respective zones of genius. 

We go through the ways in which Jazze likes to work, and how the relationship with her OBM has evolved over the years. We talk about the ways Jazze likes to handle communication with her OBM, and how responsibilities and tasks are managed within the team. Jazze shares how working with her OBM has been an evolving journey to streamline business operations to be efficient and cost-effective. We explore how it is important to have a strong team and how to have team members aligned with roles that match both their strengths and their passions. 

I hope that this episode encourages you to see it is entirely possible to create a business and team structure that suits your leadership and preferred working style, just like Jazze! Growing and scaling a business doesn’t need to be hard, Jazze shares a lot of valuable insights and tips so that you too can work towards having a successful seven-figure online business with a remote team. 


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