Episode #95 - Difficult Conversations - My top 10 Tips to make them EASIER

Why You’ve Got To Listen To Today’s Episode:

In today’s episode, I talk about how to have difficult conversations with someone on your team and share 10 of my top tips with you. One of the most common questions I get asked by current and potential clients is how to have difficult conversations, as for most leaders this skill does not come naturally. Having difficult conversations is something that needs to be practiced and learned time and time again. I know that difficult conversations can be challenging for you as you grow and scale your business and in this episode, I share some valuable insights and tips on how you can make difficult conversations feel totally normal. 

I talk about my definition of what a difficult conversation is and the common examples these conversations can involve, from issues like addressing mistakes to giving feedback. I share how it is really important to have these types of conversations regularly to maintain healthy work relationships and productivity with your team.

I share my top 10 tips on how you can make difficult conversations feel easy and normal, for both you and your team. I talk about how you should always be prepared for these conversations and the ways in which you can take different opportunities to dive deeper with your team at various times throughout the day. I share how you can create a safe environment to have difficult conversations, and by being prepared and maintaining curiosity and gratitude, you can turn challenging discussions into opportunities for growth and improvement with your team. 


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