Episode #93 - Building Business Sustainability: Creating a Team That Doesn't Rely On One Individual

Why You’ve Got To Listen To Today’s Episode:

In this episode, I delve into an important aspect and topic of business; how to build business sustainability into your team. I dive deep into this common challenge many entrepreneurs face, which is being over-reliant on key team members. I talk about how you should have established systems and processes in place that ensure your business's continuity, regardless of individual circumstances. 

I share some actionable insights that you can use to help cultivate a sustainable and thriving team. I address how relying on a single team member is really common, and how it is important for you as a leader and CEO of your business to move away from this structure. I share what it means to have sustainability in relation to your team, and how every business, regardless of size should always consider the potential impact of any individual's departure from the team. 

I talk about how a sustainable business relies on systems and processes, not just individual team members. I share some examples of processes that can help you outline current team members’ roles so that you can ensure seamless transitions and prevent knowledge loss. I share how you can maintain the balance between valuing team members and protecting your business against unexpected circumstances. 

I hope that this episode of Big Dreams Great Teams™ helps you identify areas of your business where you could implement more robust systems and processes. The examples shared in this episode will help you assess potential knowledge gaps and vulnerabilities in your business so that you can start building sustainability into your team. 


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