Episode #92 - The secret to finding YOUR unicorn Virtual Assistant with Amy Dawe

Why You’ve Got To Listen To Today’s Episode:

In today’s episode of Big Dreams Great Teams, I am joined by Amy Dawe, founder of Seed Virtual Assistants. Amy is a mentor to many Virtual Assistants (VA) around Australia helping them leverage their unique strengths to launch, grow and scale their business, and is committed to educating and supporting businesses to understand the power of outsourcing. Today we dive deep into the world of Virtual Assistants, and the incredible value and support they can bring to your business.


As entrepreneurs and business owners, we spend a lot of time thinking about who we need to work with and what we need to do to achieve our business goals. Amy shares her story with me and talks about the difference between a VA and OBM (online business manager) and the ways in which these roles can support you and your business. We dive deep into the many roles a VA could have within your business, from administrative assistance to creative and tech support, and how VAs differ from an employee. 


We share some insights and tips on how to engage the right VA for your business, one who will complement your working style and business needs. We go over the ways in which you can set yourself up for success by outsourcing to a VA and how you should be clear on the tasks and responsibilities, working preferences, and style of communication from the get-go.


I hope that this episode encourages you to reflect on your business and identify some areas in which engaging with a Virtual Assistant could help you continue to scale and grow, and so that you can spend more time in your zone of genius!


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Check out Seed VA’s free service - connecting business owners with Virtual Assistants - https://www.seedvirtualassistants.com.au/directory

Website: www.seedvirtualassistants.com.au

Instagram: @seedva.mentor

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