Episode 131 - BTS of My Recent Filipino VA Hire & 4 Top Tips for You To Do It Too!

Why You’ve Got To Listen To Today’s Episode:

In this episode, Paula shares her behind-the-scenes experience of hiring a Filipino virtual assistant, providing an in-depth look at the hiring process and valuable insights for businesses considering hiring virtual assistants from the Philippines. 

She breaks down the step-by-step process, highlighting the importance of clarity, research, and trial periods in ensuring successful offshore hiring.


  • Cost Efficiency and Business Optimisation: 
    • Offshore hiring of Filipino virtual assistants can lead to significant cost reductions and enhanced business efficiency.
  • Clarity in Job Requirements: 
    • Clearly outlining job requirements is crucial for successful hiring in the Philippines.
  • Thorough Research and Comparison: 
    • Conducting detailed research and comparing potential candidates are essential for making confident hiring decisions.
  • Value of Trial Periods: 
    • Implementing trial periods helps assess communication, skills, and work quality before committing long-term.
  • Paula’s Comprehensive Hiring Checklist: 
    • Paula's checklist offers a detailed guide for businesses considering hiring Filipino virtual assistants.

Key Ideas

  • Significant cost reduction potential - Hiring virtual assistants from the Philippines can greatly reduce business costs.
  • Paid Trials for Assessment: Using paid trials as the final part of the hiring assessment ensures the right fit.


00:00  The Offshore Hiring Experience: Insights from Paula Maidens

08:01 Clarity and Research: Key Elements of Offshore Hiring

13:00 The Trial Period: Assessing Offshore Candidates



Download my Hiring Checklist - outlining the steps you should go through to make sure you are ready to hire at paulamaidens.com/hiring-checklist.


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