Episode 127 - Why Hiring is Different In 2024 (& Why You Need to Get It Right For Small Business Success!)

Why You’ve Got To Listen To Today’s Episode:

In this episode, Paula Maidens delves into the essential strategies for achieving hiring success as a small business owner in 2024. 

With over 17 years of HR and recruitment experience, Paula shares invaluable insights into how to confidently hire employees, ensuring your team performs at its best. 

Whether you're looking to hire your first team member or improve your hiring process, this episode is packed with actionable tips tailored for small business owners.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand the Changing Business Environment: Why hiring and team performance are more critical than ever for small business owners in 2024.
  • The Importance of Confidence in Hiring: How having a quiet confidence in your hiring process can transform your business operations.
  • Steps to a Successful Hire: Paula outlines six strategic steps to make hiring feel easier and more efficient.


Introduction (00:03)

  • Topics Covered:
    • Challenges of hiring for small businesses
    • The Changing Business Environment in 2024
    • Importance of hiring and performance in 2024

Key Points on Hiring (2:21)

  • Discussion on:
    • The significance of knowing how to hire with confidence
    • Transitioning from corporate hiring to small business hiring
    • The impact of hiring on business sustainability and performance

Six Strategic Steps to Hiring Success (09:13)

  • Detailed Steps:
    1. Define Success: Clarify what you want your new hire to achieve in their role.
    2. Identify Deal-Breakers: Know what you don’t want in a candidate.
    3. Craft Unique Job Advertisements: Stand out by accurately portraying your business culture and needs.
    4. Include Application Tasks: Use specific questions or tasks to screen applicants effectively.
    5. Gather Market Information: Use the hiring process to learn about industry standards and expectations.
    6. Conduct Effective Interviews: Follow a structured approach to ensure you gather all necessary information.

The Hiring Mastery Method (18:49)

  • Overview:
    • Importance of a structured interview process
    • How to feel confident and prepared during hiring
    • Upcoming opportunities to learn Paula’s Hiring Mastery Method through a new self-study course


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