Episode # 118 - Boundaries: How to set ones that work (& keep them!)

Why You’ve Got To Listen To Today’s Episode:

In this episode of Big Dreams Great Teams‪®, I delve into the importance of setting and maintaining healthy boundaries in your business, and with your team. Boundaries are a positive tool for creating a thriving work environment, and they will support your business for further growth and success. 


I talk about how clear boundaries are guiding principles that help to define responsibilities and expectations. I explore how clear boundaries can help you to reduce things such as stress and decision fatigue. I share practical strategies for establishing and upholding boundaries in various work-related scenarios, even when you may find it challenging to uphold them. 



  • How modeling healthy boundary-setting behavior is a trait of a good leader.
  • How to set boundaries to ensure fairness and reasonableness.
  • How setting and maintaining boundaries requires aspects of clarifying expectations, and discussing and checking for mutual agreement.
  • How clear boundaries can help to reduce things such as stress and decision fatigue.
  • How communication boundaries are crucial to maintaining healthy relationships with team members and clients.



00:00 Introduction: The Importance of Boundaries

03:19 The Benefits of Clear Boundaries

07:28 The Importance of Communication Boundaries

14:57 Setting Boundaries in Different Business Scenarios

26:11 Challenges of Holding Boundaries

31:09 Understanding and Empathy in Setting Boundaries

33:18 Summary and Conclusion


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