Episode #117 - Performance Enhancing Conversations with your Team

Why You’ve Got To Listen To Today’s Episode:

In this episode, I discuss the importance of having performance enhancing conversations with your team. These conversations are necessary to have regularly when you want to improve the performance of team members who are already ‘doing okay’ but you know could be doing better. 


I talk about how performance enhancing conversations should be two-sided conversations with the aim of supporting the individual to improve and excel in their role. I share the importance of mindset, intention, and language in these types of conversations, as well as, the need for preparation and practice. 



  • Performance enhancing conversations are necessary to improve the performance of team members who are already ‘doing okay’ but could be doing better.
  • These conversations should be two-sided and aimed at supporting individuals to improve.
  • Mindset, intention, and language play a crucial role in the success of performance enhancing conversations.
  • Preparation, including gathering specific examples and anticipating reactions, is key to having effective conversations.
  • Closing the conversation with gratitude and appreciation can strengthen the relationship and motivate the individual to improve.
  • Performance enhancing conversations have the power to energise, inspire, and improve relationships within the team.



00:00 Introduction: Performance Enhancing Conversations

03:19 Mindset, Intention, and Language

09:18 Preparing for the Conversation

21:31 Closing the Conversation

23:49 Conclusion: Power of Performance Enhancing Conversations




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