Episode #116 - Secrets to Successfully Hiring & Managing a Community Manager with Shana Lynn

Why You’ve Got To Listen To Today’s Episode:

In this episode of Big Dreams Great Teams‪®‬, Paula is joined by Shana Lynn, a trusted advisor for top-tier subscription companies looking to amp up their customer retention. Today, Shana talks about being an online community strategist, and shares her expertise on hiring and managing community managers. 


We discuss the benefits of having someone else manage your online community, as they can focus on nurturing the community while you focus on revenue generation and growing your business further. Shana highlights the importance of establishing a framework for community management and we talk about how to set clear expectations and boundaries for this role from the beginning. 


Shana shares her insights on best practices for hiring a community manager, including the qualities and experience to look for. We address common concerns about trust, and offer some valuable advice on how you can empower a community manager to succeed in your business. 



  • How hiring a community manager allows you to focus on revenue generation while they nurture your community.
  • How to establish a framework for community management.
  • The qualities to look for when hiring a community manager.
  • How to build trust and address concerns quickly.
  • How to empower your community manager and give them ownership of role outcomes.



00:00 Introduction and Background

01:30 The Benefits of Hiring a Community Manager

04:29 Establishing a Framework for Community Management

06:06 Best Practices for Hiring a Community Manager

08:28 Addressing Concerns and Building Trust

13:26 Setting Clear Expectations and Boundaries

14:40 Screening for Trustworthy Candidates

17:47 Managing the Community Manager

23:40 Empowering the Community Manager

28:22 Final Tips and Advice

29:44 Resources and Training Programs


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